Home Staging


Home Staging is to enhance, to style and to furnish a given space. With the dynamic real estate market in Metro Vancouver, it is important to have your property outshine in competence of other homes.

At H | H Interiors, we work closely with many Homeowners and Top Producing Realtors, so we understand that buying and selling a property could be the biggest investment or life decision anyone could make. Thus, making a strong and solid first impression of your home to a potential buyer is the foundation to marketing. Homey.Home strives to create a space that allows buyers to envision and visualize how an interior can be functioned in a positive way.

By transforming an empty dark room to a lively space with gold chandeliers, we will market your home into a memorable listing and evoke emotional reactions from prospective client. With a keen eye for attention to detail, our team may also increase the price of your property, as staging could assist in making a space feel bigger and brighter with the proper adjustment to the furniture, lighting as well as décors.


H o w     W e     W o r k



"Just three simple steps to add a touch of sophistication, comfort and beauty to your home"


Meet & Greet

H | H Interiors team will visit

your home for an evaulation

and come up with a design

solution to stage the space


 Space Planning 

We will walkthrough our

design concept with you,

provide a quote and plan

accordingly to your needs


Our designer and mover will

deliver a stress-free process

for you. Take it easy, and

come home with a surprise