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About Us


H | H Interior Design is a leading Home Staging and Interior Design company servicing in the city of Greater Vancouver. We are a team full of fruitful designers and marketers who have natural instinct about enriching any kind of interior space.

Situated in the heart of Richmond Shopping Centre, our boutique shop and designers are always ready to go extra miles to embellish your property at your convenience.

Whether it is Home Staging or Design for Living, Homey.Home will be your Number One destination for all your home inquiry with an eye towards future resale value.

Come meet with us, we’d love to meet with you!

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Menu's philosophy is simple. We want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nicer to wake up to. Collaborating with super-talented designers, we make objects to be treasured now and forever. We work with some of the most exciting and driven creative individuals from the worlds of architecture and design to produce high quality design
with a crisp Scandinavian look.


Natuzzi Editions

Natuzzi Editions is a product line of the Natuzzi Group, offering a wide range of comfortable leather sofas tailored for the best value for money.

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Bellini Modern Living is renowned for offering high quality and innovative furniture. Whether you’re looking for dining, living or entertaining furniture your home will benefit from the exceptional collections Bellini has to offer.


Phillips Collection

Phillips Collection has been defining global style for over thirty-five years with our award-winning, organic contemporary furnishings. We are a to-the-trade-only company.


Moe's Home

At Moe’s we firmly believe that the home provides an environment of comfort and positivity. We share your love of beautiful furniture, accessories, and design, and commit our efforts to delighting your senses and fulfilling your wishes. 

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For over 49 years, Renwil has expanded to include lighting, mirrors, accessories, accent tables, and our rug art line. To have in-house artist crate genuine works of art for the world of interior design.


Global Views

Studio A Home – A Global Views Company, will unveil several pieces from Arete’s Modernist collection reflecting a modern mood for design including an urn, bowl, and vase. A stylish series of travertine boxes with hand applied maritime bronze cast motifs will also be featured.

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Established in 2014, Homey.Home Interior began its journey at a small kiosk selling home décors throughout the charming city of Vancouver. After rapid development in just one year, we have expanded and launched our first retail store in Richmond Centre. From décors to blankets, and from cushions to furniture, Homey.Home offers it all.

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